Nick Whitters


About Nick

Nick Whitters is the founder and creator of Iowa Real Estate Group. After having the experience of purchasing, flipping, and selling two homes in Eastern Iowa he wanted to step further into the Real Estate world to maximize his wealth in promised equity and appreciation on Apartment Units. Within two homes he learned the ins and outs from the structural integrity of a building to a modern style of luxury for your comfort on the inside. Nick is also the Co-Owner at Whitters Landscaping in Swisher, Iowa and has been for 5 + years, this has presented him with many opportunities and experience in management, finances, accounting, organization, team leading, problem solving, and many other essential skills that he knows how to utilize with running forward. He was offered this position as a Co-Owner after being with the company from an early age, then going on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration from the University of Iowa. Nick knows all about working hard, the specifics it takes to run a business in the office, and is always looking for a new challenge. As someone who is challenging himself to continuously educate on previous or new tasks, one of his favorite things to do is reading. Below you will see a few of his top rated books and why he would recommend them.

Favorite Books

    • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The first book I recommend to you would be Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This book gave me the perspective on what it takes to really achieve Financial Freedom. It also gets you in the right mindset to focus on escaping the “Rat Race”.
    • Best Ever Syndication Book by Joe Fairless
Best Ever Syndication Book thoroughly outlines a direct system to finding, funding, and managing apartments through syndication deals. This is a book you will always keep close for reference during Real Estate Deals.
    • The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner
This is a great book to get you started, and get the layout of Rental Property basics.
    • Morning Millionaire by Hal Elrod
Morning Millionaire is a great book if you’re still searching for a solid mindset and working on setting your routine. It not only helps you create your routine plan, but guides you into how you will follow through.

My Responsibilities within Iowa Real Estate Group

Asset Manager As the Assets Manager of Iowa Real Estate Group I am responsible for finding, negotiating, closing, and managing all deals. I will also hold responsibility for communicating with my partners and investors as well as selling or refinancing down the road.