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Iowa Real Estate Group was Founded in 2019. Originally created by a Real Estate Investor himself, Nick Whitters. Overall, Iowa Real Estate Group is a syndication company that seeks out investors who are wanting to put their funds towards Real Estate to gain a higher return that the stock market can not offer. Not only do we provide the opportunity for you to gain a higher return with your funds, investors will also benefit from building wealth through equity and future appreciation. Our company seeks out owners who are willing or currently wanting to sell their property, we then negotiate a price based off of the current market value of their property and close the deal. From that point forward our company will manage the assets and future profits while continuing the process over again as more opportunities approach. In simpler terms, Iowa Real Estate Group is a community of investors that came together to give Sellers an opportunity to maximize their return, and Buyers an opportunity to expand and maximize their wealth.

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Our Work Ethic

An aspired Work Ethic, from the Founder of the Iowa Real Estate Group. The Worth Ethic that you will find from Nick Whitters is a characteristic that will be sure you can rest easy at night. Many of the qualities put into his Work Ethic come from his Core Values and Experience. From one man to the whole team, at Iowa Real Estate Group we promise to continuously work hard until we find the answers we are seeking. We work day and night to find the best deals available so that we have the ability to maximize our investors’ contribution. Not only are we working hard for our investors, but we also want to give sellers the best deal out there. Selling a multi-unit building can become chaos quickly, we are here to offer the best deal possible, and come to our solution as quick and clear as we can. One last thing you will see in our teams Work Ethic is the contribution we have in our properties. Iowa Real Estate Group takes pride in the homes that we provide, this being properties we currently maintain in our possession and how our tenants will be living, as well as future opportunities and how we can provide for those communities as well.

Core Values

Core Values, values that help us make our day to day decisions, values that shape our personality, perspective, work ethic, and overall who we chose to be as a human. At Iowa Real Estate Group we are one family, we are trustworthy, open minded, loyal, reliable, competent and communicative. Not only do we have these values within ourselves, we utilize them within each other, and it is of value that we utilize them with our clients in any and every kind of transaction. Not only is our bond with each other as well as our clients important, we highly value hard work. As hard workers we are always trying to continuously educate ourselves, they say you learn something new every day, with today’s technology we have the ability to learn from mentors and educators all over the world, utilize this! We value our health by “feeding” our brain new information each and every day, listening, learning, and respecting those we have the privilege to work with.

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Education with a Degree, Founder Nick Whitters has a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa where he graduated from in 2016. As someone who has been a Landscaper their whole life, Nick went to college to pursue a Degree for the other side of the office. Along with his college education, Nick has gained knowledge from many of his experiences. As I said before, being a Landscaper from the earliest age that he could work, then pursuing a degree in business, to now being a Co-Owner of the family Company. He has chosen to self educate himself in the Real Estate world, within this journey he has flipped and sold two homes, and furthered his education by stepping onto the investments side and finding a mentor with experience in Real Estate for the past 30+ years.


While educating ourselves, comes experience, so that we can know how to experience more! After graduating from the University of Iowa, Nick became a Co-Owner in Whitters Landscaping. Now being on both sides of the business he has just about done it all, Nick has experience and continues to manage the responsibilities of time management, organization, accounting, and financing, so he knows his way around the office and is comfortable with doing the numbers. Co-Owning Whitters Landscaping has also provided the opportunity for Nick to have experience of managing and leading his employees. While still traveling to the job site with his team, he is able to professionally communicate and delegate to get the job done in a timely manner. Working at job sites presents Nick with continuous problem solving, communicating with his team as well as the customers so everyone is on the same page, this keeps him aware and conscious of the resources they have available to them. Along with Landscaping Nick has dipped his toes in the Real Estate game. In the last 5 years he has purchased, flipped, and sold two homes. Nick had the privilege of gaining lots of experience through both homes, some being financing, accounting, scheduling and staying organized. Other experience gained would be, paying attention to detail, knowing the structural integrity of a building and home, carpentry, interior details, as well as making a home livable while also giving it a taste of luxury. Countless hours put into both of these homes as well as self teaching to get tasks done to complete these homes are skills that he will never forget. Between the company, and home “projects” if there were ever a time that Nick could not find the answer, he knew someone that could. With experience in the office, on the job, and pushing himself to pursue a challenging project Nick has done an incredible job networking with those that cross his path, and from that he will continue to gain knowledge and experience. 


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